Natacha Elmir

Born in March. Pisces. I don´t know much about Astrology, but I know I feel at home in water and can swim like a fish for hours.
I am Lebanese Canadian based in Barcelona. I love languages and I am fluent in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

I am a portrait and editorial photographer trained at IDEP Barcelona.
I also do fine art wedding photography and lifestyle which you can visit here

When I'm not taking photos I like to spend my time drinking coffee in the sun, learning and talking about photography, films, acting, the ceative process, the human mind, the human condition, and love.
I am also a trained actor and I love writing and acting in short films and plays when the project is right.

I believe that love is the most vital element in life and the best school for kicking you into emotional and spiritual shape. Sometimes the kicks are lighter and sometimes...well...I´m sure you know :)


I started learning photography in 2008 at a school in the south of Spain, where we were taught the traditional analogue techniques. I very quickly set up a dark room in my bathroom and have since then brought a film like feel and aesthetic to my digital photographs.

In 2014 I completed a Masters in Fashion photography and perfected the digital form, learning to harness natural light as well as create artificial lighting when required, according to the needs of each project.

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